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Tattoo Artists At The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio, Bedford

Aktualizacja: 30 lip 2020

Happy To Be Back

We have all been really happy to be back working after the COVID-19 outbreak and have been tattooing some of you guys since being back. Here are a few of our most recent Tattoos since we are back in business.

Lewis Parker

Lewis has been improving daily and his newly adopted Dot-work style Tattoos which have become his preferred Tattooing technique, seen here in this custom-designed Horse Tattoo. Hand drawn from a customers photo of their pet and executed cleanly.

To get a tattoo done by Lewis Email:


Jeremie La France

Jeremie has been on fire since we have re-opened after the lock-down. His work is always BOLD and he is super fast when slinging Ink, always getting a lot done in one day! He is a true gentleman who has actually trained in Japan when working on a Humanitarian mission when in the Marines. He truly is a professional that will give you quality Japanese tattoos like this example.

To get a tattoo done by Jeremie Email: jeremie@thescarlettrosetattoostudio.com

Hattie Giles

Hattie is so talented! She hand draws all her cute/dark tattoos and can make a custom design that fits your brief. When she tattoos she concentrates on clean lines and super graphic details, in life her line tattoos look like its been printed on by a computer. Get your black work done by @hauntedhattie

To get a tattoo done by Hattie Email:


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