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(No under 18’s)

  • The tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis

  • Each raffles end-date will be announced from the 1st purchase of the newest ticket each month

  • If you purchase multiple tickets, all will be treated as individual deposits, (each one will be put towards a separate booking). 

  • (1.a) All tattoo raffle sessions must be pre-arranged after the draw and booked in with us via email within 30 days

  • Waiting times for new bookings can vary (between 1 - 12 months)

  • New bookings made from each ticket must be a minimum half-day session worth at least £280, (1.a) Applies.

  • The winning ticket prize is for a full day session but can be split into two half days if you pay the remaining £60 split over both appointments, (£30 each appointment)

  • We will run a maximum of 2 raffles per month (10 tickets) with no minimum

  • We will announce the winner on our Social media accounts and via email to our subscriber

  • You must agree to our shops (T&C’s>) to get a tattoo from our tattoo studio

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